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Is it time to stop thinking?

Sometimes we need to stop thinking and just try something.

I recently needed to replace some wood and glass doors in my house. The wood had become so rotten, the glass was falling out. The aluminium doors we were using to replace these glass doors came in limited colours. I spent several hours trying to look at the small colour samples to imagine what they would look like in a full door. I went backwards and forwards thinking about what could and couldn't work. My brain felt like a washing machine on a spin cycle. In the end, enough was enough. I grabbed some paint that was the same colour as my preferred sample and I painted it on the old doors. It was so much easier to decide the colour when I did that and in fact, it was obvious. Thinking is important. However, sometimes we think too much or for too long, when what we should do is stop and just try something. So I wonder, is there something that you've been thinking a lot about? Is now a good time to stop thinking and try something? Please like or share this post with others who would gain value from it. #positiveproblemsolving #problemsolving #momentum #moveforward #movewhatmatters #focus #curlycalmcurious #whatinspiresme #thinkdifferently


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