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Is your communication hitting the mark?

A few weeks ago I received a promotional magazine in my letter box. Its headline was “On the road again: Where will you go this weekend?” For many people in Australia (who had less COVID-19 restrictions than Melbourne), this was a perfectly reasonable question to ask. Also, this magazine came from a company based in an Australian state that was opening up its economy. Once again, a very reasonable message for them to lead with.

However, even as my rational brain worked its way through these thoughts, this question still hit me right in the gut. That was because, current circumstances meant that the answer was a resounding ‘NOWHERE!’

It was an easy mistake in current circumstances and a useful reminder of some simple communication principles.

  • Context is everything

  • Know your audience and what matters to them

  • See your message from their perspectives

  • Positive intent doesn’t always mean our message is positively received

Communication is a critical element of engagement and not always easy.

Have you faced a similar situation, either as the communicator or the person receiving the communication?


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