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Is your team as aligned as you need it to be?

Yesterday, I noticed these pigeons perched on our electrical wires. They looked so neat and aligned with each other that I started to wonder:

  • Why did they choose that wire over any of the others?

  • How did they know to line up the way they did?

  • Did they care which part of the wire they perched on?

I wonder, if your team were on that wire, how neat would they look? I don't mean physically. Obviously, if your team members were on that wire, theyโ€™d be looking pretty petrified. ๐Ÿ˜Š What I actually mean is

โ€œhow aligned is your team regarding the challenges itโ€™s facing right now?โ€

When we find our team is misaligned, itโ€™s tempting to try to build alignment behind the solution we want to implement. However, the real power of alignment comes from having a shared mindset and motivation behind the problem that gave rise to that solution. If your team needs to be more aligned and you donโ€™t have much time to make it happen, I can help. Hear what my clients say in the video:

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