Is your team as aligned as you need it to be?

Yesterday, I noticed these pigeons perched on our electrical wires. They looked so neat and aligned with each other that I started to wonder:

  • Why did they choose that wire over any of the others?

  • How did they know to line up the way they did?

  • Did they care which part of the wire they perched on?

I wonder, if your team were on that wire, how neat would they look? I don't mean physically. Obviously, if your team members were on that wire, they’d be looking pretty petrified. 😊 What I actually mean is

“how aligned is your team regarding the challenges it’s facing right now?”

When we find our team is misaligned, it’s tempting to try to build alignment behind the solution we want to implement. However, the real power of alignment comes from having a shared mindset and motivation behind the problem that gave rise to that solution. If your team needs to be more aligned and you don’t have much time to make it happen, I can help. Hear what my clients say in the video:

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