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★Is your team reaching for the green jelly beans?★

When we're facing a curly challenge, one of the first things we need to do is pause and understand the nature of the challenge before we take action.

There’s a common mistake that teams make in this area, particularly in a disrupted and time-poor environment. Instead of focusing on the challenge, teams focus instead on what others have done in what appears to have been a similar situation.

In my first book, The Thrive Cycle, I call this the Green Jelly Bean mindset. That is, we see others we admire doing something that is right for them and we assume that because they are amazing, it must be right for us.

This mindset means that if Google or Amazon or some other super-company gave its employees Green Jelly Beans to improve engagement, we’d do the same.

Learning from others can be incredibly useful. However, every curly challenge is contextually specific. We, therefore, need to understand the situation and its context, before committing to someone else’s solution.

Perhaps now is a good time to ask yourself.

⇨ Are there any Green Jelly Beans in your team?


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