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★It's just not fair!★

It's a thought I've had quite a lot as Melbourne has returned to Stage 3 lockdown while the rest of Australia carries on with some sense of normality. I get the impression I’m not the only one thinking like this.

A shared problem often unifies and energises us, especially when we’re in a team. Conversely, when we feel like we’re the ones with the problem, it can leave us feeling alone, disconnected and perhaps even resentful. If you and your team are feeling as I’ve described, another shared problem may be just what you need.

You’re probably thinking, we have enough problems, we don’t need another one. Find one that the whole team is passionate about and is therefore motivated to work through and solve together. Start with a small one and as you address that, pick another one that is bigger. Have the team decide what problem they want to solve. Make sure it matters and then get out of the way.

COVID-19 is not fair, but that doesn't mean we need to face it alone.


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