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Just because you think you can't, doesn't mean you can't!

Over the last few weeks, how many times have you heard yourself saying “I can’t do that because”? I’ve certainly said it a lot. Each time it happens, it feels like a heavy gate slams down in front of us, like one of those castle gates you see in the movies. If we say “I can’t” often enough, we end up feeling like we’re surrounded by walls and unable to move. It’s easy to feel trapped and helpless. If you are feeling like this, here’s something you can try. It involves re-thinking the situation so you can deal with it differently. Next time you find yourself about to say “I can’t do it because…”, change it to “I can’t do it THAT WAY”. It’s such a small difference, but instead of allowing the gate to drop in front of us, it opens up a new possibility for us to explore. In this way, saying “I can’t do it that way” leads to other questions like:

  • What other ways could I do it?

  • What outcome do I want?

  • How could I achieve that differently?

  • What’s the wildest, whackiest option I can think of?

  • What would a doable version of that look like?

Try this head-hack, it really works! Let me know how you and please like and share with others if you found this strategy useful. #problemsolving #getunstuck #coronavirus

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