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★Three Leadership Traps & what to do about them★

#1 – Expecting others to be where you are.

When we’ve been through disruption it’s easy to expect others to be at the same point in the journey as you are. However, this thinking can have people in your team feeling left behind or not listened to.

Even if you think something is obvious, it’s worth checking in with others, because it may not be as obvious as you think.

#2 Wanting to just get on with it.

When we’ve been through disruption, we’re often keen to get on with what’s next and put the disruption behind us. Consequently, we can place too much attention on pulling together plans and talking about delivery too soon.

Leaping into delivery before you’ve thought through the problems to be solved can quickly disengage and lead to activity without results.

⇨Instead, it can be helpful to ensure you have a process that balances thought and action while making sure solid progress is being made.

#3 – Thinking you know the answer

When we’ve got experience in a particular area, it’s easy to feel confident that we know what to do.

When we’ve been through disruption, the landscape on the other side may be different and therefore what has worked in the past, may not work in the new world.

When we think we know the answer, it’s easy to stop asking questions. Consequently, we can miss invaluable insights or follow a path that is no longer valid.

One way to leverage your experience without becoming trapped by your assumptions is to recognise and state them upfront. Another useful strategy is, before making a big decision, take a moment to check in with yourself.

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