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WFH: Are you asking the right questions?

The disruption of COVID-19 has given us an option to break free of some of the old ways and try something new.

Many leaders I know are asking “How can we lock-in some of the benefits and new ways of working?” Top of mind opportunities include working from home, using technology instead of travelling, etc.

When our solutions address our biggest problems we achieve great outcomes.

It’s tempting at this point to think “Hmmm. Working from home seems to have worked well, should we do more of it?” In other words, “we’ve got a solution that feels right, do we want more of it”?

I’ve been suggesting to my clients to try asking different questions. Ones that focus on the (often invisible) problem, that working-from-home solved or hasn’t solved. For example, asking:

● When it comes to ways of working, what outcomes do we want?

● How did we work before COVID-19?

● Where and how did that support or not support the outcome?

● What would the ideal way of working look like?

● How might working-from-home (and other options) support that?


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