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Updated: Sep 15, 2021

I’ve been leading conversation conventions for 7 years now and have learnt that the best client engagements have three elements. Mutual trust, mutual preparation and mutual commitment to deliver the desired outcome.

These lessons came to the fore last week when I had the privilege of designing and ‘virtually’ facilitating a four-day team week with 40 leaders. They were in a room in Tucson, Arizona & I was in Melbourne.

Not only did this team need to trust that I would design the right program, I needed to trust that they would do their part to bring the sessions to life. With 13,000km (8000 miles) physically between us and a 17 hour time difference, much of the event relied on the team to lead in the room.

You don’t just rock up to a four-day event and cross your fingers that it’s going to deliver the right outcome. It takes a willingness to prepare and courage to try something different.

The entire group stepped up!

They worked with me then led and engaged in sessions with confidence and professionalism.

Kate Sommerville, fantastic to work with you and your amazing team who are so committed to reimagining the legacy of mining with BHP.

And...thank you for the BIGGEST bunch of flowers EVER!


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