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What's your unconscious habit?

When the Coronavirus first occurred and we found supermarkets had very little toilet paper, I decided that we needed to take evasive action. I put up this post-it note next to the toilet roll holder in the bathroom. Until this point, I had never considered how much toilet paper was used in our household. It was just one of those things that went past without me even being conscious of it. However, when we put up these post-it notes, I found that the amount of toilet paper being used dropped by about 60%. And, the only thing that had changed was that everyone in the household was now focused on toilet paper usage. Noticing this had me wondering what other habits did I have that I was completely unaware of and what impact were they having? I need to think about this some more. So I'm curious. What habits have you noticed recently that used to be an unconscious part of your day, but you’ve now become very aware of them? I'd love to hear about your experiences. Please like or share this post with others who would gain value from it. #positiveproblemsolving #problemsolving #momentum #moveforward #movewhatmatters #focus #curlycalm&curious #whatinspiresme #thinkdifferently #COVID19 #coronavirus


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