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Why is the second wave of a complex problem harder to deal with and how can you make it easier?

In the case of COVID-19, the second wave is an inflection point, when cases go from reducing to increasing. However, this phenomenon is not restricted to a pandemic. Complex problems are rarely tackled in one go and are a series of ups and downs. That’s one of the factors that makes them tough to tackle.

I'm pleased to share my article published in Smart Company today, in which I reveal:

  • why the second wave often feels harder than the first

  • the four stages of a problem, and

  • six practical strategies to help you ride the second wave if it rises up in front of you

Check it out here and remember to share it with people in your team or life who may be feeling disheartened.

Also, if you feel like the second wave of any problem is getting the better of you and your team, let’s talk. Connect, subscribe to my fortnightly blog or drop me an email at

Huge thanks to the SmartCompany team.


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