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Episode 4: take back control

This cognitive skill will enable you to emotionally, intellectually and energetically confront any complex conundrum. Discover what it takes to get comfortable with discomfort, switch your brain off auto-pilot and build momentum behind what matters. 

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Did something come up while you were listening? Don't hold that thought - 

where to from here?

One of the biggest challenges when trying anything new is working out where to start. 

When it comes to Curly Thinking™ and getting unstuck, there are several possible starting points. The following will help you find the one that is right for you.

Look at the leaders below and their desired outcomes. Then, decide which one sounds most like you, then click on the relevant next step.



“I have a high-stakes, time critical conundrum that I need to get under control"



“I want my team to think differently by developing Curly Capability.



I like the idea of Curly Thinking and think it could be of value to me and my team, but  now is not the time to take it further."

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Kate Christiansen is a curly thinker who has spent three decades navigating complexity for a living. She works with senior executives and their leadership teams who want to capture bigger opportunities, deliver better results and have more fun when dealing with disruption.

Kate is an award-winning author, speaker and facilitator whose Curly Thinking™ approach to change, complex problem-solving and adaptive leadership is like a breath of fresh air for your brain.

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