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Could you use some more options?

In Melbourne, we’ve just started our 6-week stint of Stage 4 lock-down. Many businesses and families are doing it tough. Unable to go to work, juggling working from home, home-schooling and now childcare. In other parts of Australia and the world, these and other challenges also remain both relevant and significant.

Before I talk about this episode of Curly, Calm and Curious, I have a confession to make. This video was recorded as Melbourne was coming out of the First Wave of COVID-19. We were getting back to normal - or, so we thought! In the current lock-down, a couple of the references (eg. to restaurants, trains, etc.) may seem to readers in Melbourne, a little weird. 

When we’re facing a lot of change, it’s easy to be reactive. So, when I realised this episode was contextually ‘a little out of whack’, my first reaction was to scrap the episode completely. However, I later changed my mind because I believe it shares an important and helpful message. 

Right now, it’s easy to feel surrounded by problems. This can feel overwhelming and rock our confidence. However, when we know the real problem we’re solving, we start to set our own agenda. This, in turn, helps us to feel more in control.

Remember! As a human, you were born to solve problems. It’s why you scored the big brain and the mouse didn’t. Trust yourself and give the brain space and permission to:

  1. Review where you are now rather than focusing on where you expected to be

  2. Recalibrate your expectations (timeframes, outcomes etc.) based on when you know

  3. Reset your goals, so they align with the current situation. For example, if you were working to a 6-month plan, but now can’t see beyond a week, then (for now) make your goals weekly. 

I hope you find this episode refreshing and helpful. Until next time, keep calm and curious.


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