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Is it time for creativity to kick in?

My daughter came home excited from school this week. She had been organising a fundraising program to raise money to combat climate change. When you think about school fundraisers, what do they usually involve? Food. Right? And, not just any food. Sweet, high-calorie, low nutritional value food. I love cake and I love chocolate so I’m not saying that ‘yummy stuff’ should be banned. I do believe, however, that it’s easy to become caught in a ‘status quo mindset’ when it comes to raising money (or anything else, for that matter). In this case, with almost 30% of Australian children being overweight or obese, I don’t believe this mindset is helpful. That’s why I was delighted when my daughter came home with a bag full of succulents. She announced that she and a bunch of students were having a ‘potting day’ for their “Plants for the Planet” fundraiser. They looked fantastic and I reflected how cool that there was such creativity and consistency between the way they were raising funds and the cause. How do you break out of status quo thinking? How do you click into a creative mode? Please remember to like or share if you found this valuable. #problemsolving #momentum #getunstuck #creativity #curiosity


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