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Has your organisation lost its Adaptive Intelligence?

As many organisations grow, they 'devolve' their Adaptive Intelligence. With it goes the drive, language, self-awareness, insight and leadership alignment needed to build an organisation that is 'fit' for a world of relentless change.

This is the first in a series of 'actionable articles' I'll be sharing over the coming weeks to celebrate the launch of my book 'The Thrive Cycle: Unlock The Adaptive Organisation Within'.

In this article, published in Business Today (click here), I share the real reason organisations find it so hard to build adaptive capability. Take the 2 minute Adaptive Intelligence Test, assess your organisation and discover five actions that will improve it.

If you find the Adaptive Intelligence of your organisation is low, The Thrive Cycle: Unlock The Adaptive Organisation Within will enable you to bring it back. Crystallising 20 years experience adapting large organisations to strategically-critical change, the book sets out to empower leaders in three ways. It:

  1. enables them to re-build the Adaptive Intelligence of their organisations.

  2. shows step-by-step how to create the organisational capability needed to achieve adaptive advantage.

  3. shares the practical knowledge needed to embrace the change and confidently lead the journey towards a more adaptive organisation.

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