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are you a leader who feels stuck? 

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In complex and dynamic environments, it's easy to get stuck. But when you have critical results to deliver and stakeholders are looking for answers, you don't have time to stay that way.

As a leader, there are many ways to get stuck. For example, we can be:

 stuck in delivery 

"My team has a huge backlog of work, they are exhausted and there seems to be no relief in sight"

 stuck on the treadmill 

"I'm under the pump to produce results and need momentum but for every step forward, it’s two steps back"

"I depend on my team but my best people are leaving, I'm constantly interviewing and picking up the extra work"

stuck in recruitment

"I need to be future-focused but I get dragged into the weeds and feel like I'm constantly fighting fires"

stuck in reactive-mode

stuck with old thinking

"We've got high-stakes challenges to address but my team keep coming up with the same stale solutions"

"I've been given a career-making opportunity but it's
mind-bendingly complex and I'm not sure where to start"

stuck on first base

"My team has reached a critical turning-point, but people are clinging to their comfort zones and won't let go of the past"

stuck in the status quo


  • is looking for practical strategies you can apply straight away

  • wants to have greater clarity and feel more in control when faced with the unexpected

  • is seeking a refreshingly different approach to address new-world challenges


Then Get Unstuck: Using Curly Thinking™ to confront complexity with confidence is exactly what you need. And, for a limited time, this five-episode audio series is available for FREE! 

  • Feel more in control

  • Be more confident

  • Lift your leadership

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Kate Christiansen is a curly thinker who has spent three decades navigating complexity for a living. She works with senior executives and their leadership teams who want to capture bigger opportunities, deliver better results and have more fun when dealing with disruption.

Kate is an award-winning author, speaker and facilitator whose Curly Thinking™ approach to change, complex problem-solving and adaptive leadership is like a breath of fresh air for your brain.

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