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Episode 1 - Being stuck sucks

Feeling stuck is never fun but as a leader it can dent our confidence, puts results at risk and have us questioning if we are up to task. Old world approaches are no match for new world business challenges, but now there’s a better way.

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"I’d recommend Get Unstuck because it’s short and sharp - easy to listen to while you’re commuting, driving or walking dog. I like how it integrates the theory and practice and is highly targeted to what so many leaders need today. I thought the real-life example of Melissa and her strategy question outcome in the last episode was excellent."

Brett Reid, 

Executive General Manager – People and Culture, YMCA

"Having worked directly with Kate in a global multinational company, the Curly Thinking content is 100% reflective of Kate’s experience and approach to complex problem solving. Kate’s framework to responding to disruption is authentic, relevant, and grounded in her extensive senior leadership experience, and can be applied to the broadest range of disruptive issues."

Jonathan Spiers,

CEO – CIGNA Hong-Kong

“Kate is like the ‘Disruption Whisperer’. She lives and breathes her craft and this depth of knowledge enables otherwise complex concepts to become simple and practical. After listening to Get Unstuck I felt more invigorated. It’s so valuable especially for people who get trapped in their own heads.”

Ricki vinci,
cfo -

sunshine hospital

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as a leader, getting stuck is inevitable, but staying stuck?

Now there is a better alternative.

Welcome to Get Unstuck: Using Curly ThinkingTM to confront complexity with confidence. 


In complex environments it’s easy to get stuck. As leaders, this can leave us feeling powerless and questioning whether we have what it takes to deliver what we’ve promised. 

If you're looking for practical strategies and a new-world-ready approach that's backed by thirty-years navigating complexity for a living, this five-episode audio series is for you. And, for a limited time, it's FREE!

To get access to the whole series, register here.

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2. a simple strategy to use straight away

When the stakes are high and your brain gets stuck, this practical 60-second strategy will help you keep calm in the chaos and work out where to start. In this episode we’ll work it through, step-by-step, using your own example. 

Before we can get unstuck, we need to understand how disruption impacts our brain, especially when we find ourselves facing the unknown. But what are the three States of Stuckness and how can you prevent them from standing between you and your goals?

This cognitive skill will enable you to emotionally, intellectually and energetically confront any complex conundrum. Discover what it takes to get comfortable with discomfort, switch your brain off auto-pilot and build momentum behind what matters.

As the Chinese proverb says ‘The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step’. Disrupted environments demand a fundamentally different way of thinking. While mastery takes time, the foundations can be learnt surprisingly quickly. First, however, you need to make a choice.

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Kate Christiansen is a curly thinker who has spent three decades navigating complexity for a living. She works with senior executives and their leadership teams who want to capture bigger opportunities, deliver better results and have more fun when dealing with disruption.

Kate is an award-winning author, speaker and facilitator whose Curly Thinking™ approach to change, complex problem-solving and adaptive leadership is like a breath of fresh air for your brain.

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