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★Are you second guessing yourself?★

It had been a hot Summer night and in the morning I looked outside at storm clouds looming on the horizon. I hadn't heard the forecast for the day and so I asked the Google Assistant, “Hey Google! Is it going to rain this evening?” She answered, “No, there is a zero-percent chance that it will rain.” I looked up at the clouds and thought to myself “They look like rain clouds. It looks like it's going to rain to me”. But then I thought, No. Google has more information than me. She must be right. So, I proceeded to spend 45 minutes hand watering my garden. Then, the first drops of rain started to fall, followed quickly by a soaking downpour. I knew it was going to rain but I second-guessed myself. Uncertainty can cause us to second guess ourselves. However, just because we’re not completely certain, doesn’t mean we’re wrong and someone else is right.


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