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ARE YOU STILL WORRYING about the problem that never happened?

Updated: Mar 16, 2020

Walking the dog near my place, I often pass a golf driving range. Yesterday, as we passed the range, I commented to my walking buddy, that there was an unusually large number of golf balls on our side of the fence. There weren't hundreds, only 6 or 7. However, usually we didn't see any.

We looked up at the 20-metre fence between us and the driving range. While there were a few holes, it was reasonably intact.

I said to my walking buddy "Let's face it. You'd have to be pretty unlucky to be hit by a golf ball here. You'd have to walk past at the exact time a golfer hit the ball which happened to make it through a specific hole in the fence".

Within 15-20 seconds of saying that, a golf ball landed with a crack on the path less than a metre in front of us.

If we had been walking slightly faster it could have hit one of us. didn't, and that's all that matters.

Are you still worrying about the problem that never happened? How much precious energy is that wasting when it could be spent making amazing things happen?


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