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Are your tools helping with your big problem?

Even the best tools don't always help us with our biggest problem. Traffic jams are a big problem in many cities around the world. Google Maps can be a useful tool to help us avoid them. However, even the best tools don't always work in our favour and don’t always solve the problem. For example, I recently read of a performing artist who hexed the traffic system by walking around the streets with one hundred mobile phones in a wagon. This gave Google Maps the impression that there was a traffic jam. Consequently, all of the traffic was diverted away from particular streets despite them being completely empty. Are the tools you use in your business helping or hindering you with your big problem? I'd love to hear about your experience. Please like or share this post with others who would gain value from it. #positiveproblemsolving #problemsolving #momentum #moveforward #movewhatmatters #focus #curlycalm&curious #whatinspiresme #thinkdifferently


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