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★Baby steps aren’t just for babies★

Have you ever noticed how, when we start learning something new, it suddenly dawns on us how much we don’t know? And therefore, how much more there is to know. It’s a learning curve that I reckon most of us are pretty familiar with.

Learning is uncomfortable and this can cause impatience. We want to be experts and know everything as soon as possible. Yet, the best learning happens when we’re willing to sit and give our brains the space to think.

Sometimes we need to take baby steps.

I was reminded of this recently when I gave away some of my old piano books. As I flicked through them, I noticed how beautifully each element of knowledge had been broken down into bite-sized chunks.

These books weren’t trying to turn their pupils into a concert pianist. They just focused on moving them to the next level, relative to where they were.

Is there somewhere in your work day or your team where you’re itching to stride ahead in leaps and bounds, when baby steps might serve you better?


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