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Before you ‘go agile’ make sure it’s what you really want

The COVID-19 Pandemic has triggered a wake-up call for many of us. It has shown just how connected we really are, how quickly circumstances can change and how deep the impacts can go. Many of my clients find themselves looking at their organisation through a different lens and asking how can we be better prepared when (not if) this level of disruption happens again. The word “Agile” often comes up.

In my book The Thrive Cycle: Unlock the Adaptive Organisation Within (2016), I explored the idea of agile and asked readers to consider whether they wanted their organisation to be more adaptive, adaptable or agile?

If people in your business are now talking about ‘being more agile’ you’ll find this excerpt from “The Thrive Cycle” timely and helpful (link in comments). It explores the difference between these concepts & the importance of having a clear outcome from the beginning. There are also three practical questions to get you started.


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