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★Have you done your research?★

On my way back from the supermarket the other day I noticed this car. It had become a resting place for quite a number of seagulls. Unfortunately for the car’s owner, their parking spot happened to be opposite one of the most popular fish and chip cafes in Melbourne.

Turns out that its popularity is not limited to humans. This car now provided the perfect platform from which the seagulls could wait and squabble over discarded chips and pieces of fish. That wasn’t the only thing they were doing on the car :(

I thought to myself “what a shame that the owner of the car hadn't done their research in advance”. Had they stood and watched this space for 30 seconds, they would not have parked there and would be driving away with a much cleaner car.

So, I wonder. Have you done the research that’s needed to make your next big decision an informed one? If not, perhaps today is a good day to do it.


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