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How are you communicating the messages that really matter?

Are people hearing your message the way you want them to hear it? Engagement is 'heart-to-heart' not 'mouth-to-ear'

Tonight I am going to see the indigenous choir Spinifex Gum. With their spine-tinglingly beautiful music, this group has broken all the rules to get their important indigenous messages across.

However, sadly, they are the same ones that have often fallen on deaf ears. What's different this time, is that the messages are delivered heart-to-heart (ie. from the open hearts of the singers to the open hearts of their audience). So much so, that on Friday night, Spinifex Gum will be playing to full-house. An auditorium full of people who are not only willing to listen to their messages that matter but who are willing to pay for the privilege. Would people pay to hear your messages?

Worry less about the words and more about what needs to be said.​

Take a few moments to soak up these gorgeous harmonies and you'll see what I mean.

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