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How well are you seeing what is going on around you at work?

Updated: Mar 16, 2020

I decided to spend today exploring the city I've lived in for over twenty years. I channeled my inner tourist and found some self guided walks.

One was the graffiti lanes walk.

I wandered around laneways that I'd looked past so often and looked at them through a different lens. It was really strange walking around a place I thought I knew well, only to discover that so much was unexplored.

When we are new in a role or new to a business we seem to notice everything. But with time, it can all fade into the background.

What would happen this week if you explored your business with fresh eyes, as though it was your first week in the job?

Why not give it a try? Who knows what you might discover?

As always, love you to like or share with others who would value a fresh perspective.


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