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***Is disruption driving disconnection in your team?***

Luckily, practical help is now at hand.

Curly Conversations for Teams LAUNCHES on Monday 8th March. It’s more of a toolkit than a book because it includes 15 pre-designed Conversation Starters and over 120 curly questions for your team to explore together.

If disruption is disconnecting your team, this book will help you ‘get the band back together’.

**PRE-ORDER BONUS GIFTS!** Until midnight this Sunday:

  • Buy 1 book and we’ll email you a free Conversation Kick-Starter Checklist.

  • Buy 5 books and we’ll email you the checklist and send you 5 Quick Start Bookmarks to share with your team and guide your first conversation.

  • Buy 10 books and we’ll send you the checklist, a personally signed extra copy and 10 Quick Start Bookmarks.

  • Buy 100 books and in addition to the checklist and Quick Start Bookmarks you’ll also receive a complimentary 45-minute one-to-one conversation coaching session with Kate to plan your conversation kick-start approach.

⇨ You can pre-order Curly Conversations for Teams at Booktopia and Amazon or other online retailers (see links in comments). Just email Richel ( your receipt and we’ll take things from there


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