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★Is it time to shut up?★

I drove my daughter to her first year twelve exam over the weekend. It was a music performance. She was nervous but felt prepared and ready to go. As we were driving in the car, I was bursting with helpful advice that I wanted to share with her. I wanted to download all of my experience so I could give her the best possible shot at being successful. However, I decided at the start of the drive that I wasn't going to give her any advice unless she asked for it. She didn’t ask. Instead, she talked about where she was at and why she felt she was ready and the areas that she was a bit nervous about. As she got out of the car, I said two things. “I love you” and “You've got this”. Often, we want to share our wisdom because we feel that it will help somebody and lift them up. However, nothing beats the lessons we learned through our own experiences. That means, sometimes, it's just time to shut up. Perhaps today will give you an opportunity. Will you choose to give some wise, yet uninvited advice, or will you provide the space for others to learn for themselves.


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