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Is that solution what you expected?

A few weeks ago I posted about my home renovation and discovering the problem was bigger than expected (see link in comments). Last week the saga continued. As part of this reno, we replaced some wooden glass doors that were forty years old and completely falling apart.

When the new doors arrived, we expected them to be double glazed but all of them had only one layer of glass. Improved insulation was the top priority (after colour and style - obviously 😊) so double glazing was essential. We were so disappointed and went back to the quote. While we had said double glazing during our conversations, it wasn't specified on the quote (which we had signed off).

Sometimes the solution we think we've bought is not the solution we wanted.

The saga is not yet over. The windows are in my garage and we're still negotiating with the installer. I'll keep you posted.

What do you do when a solution that you thought was going to address a problem turns out to be not the solution you were expecting?


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