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Like big problem, many of the impacts will be hidden & will continue well after the headlines stop

The consequences of big problems extend way beyond the initial event.

I've been reminded of this in the last few days as I've spent time in Beechworth, near the NSW and Victorian state border.

​Across Australia,  the immediate impact of the bushfires has been a devastating loss of life, loss of homes and loss of beautiful bushland. Fires continue to burn and the danger is far from over.

Beechworth has so far been spared but I was struck by the secondary effects. The constant smoke driving people inside and keeping away visitors during peak tourist season. The loss of business by the local shops which in turn meant the loss of working hours for the local employees. The exhausted firefighters and support crews and the businesses who have gone without their employees. All these effects are in a place that has so far been safe. Impacts indirectly affected towns are no doubt amplified beyond imagination.

Let's not forget this when the immediate crisis is over. Like every big problem, many of the impacts will be hidden and will continue well after the headlines stop.​

Hang in there everyone and thank you.


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