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★What are our ‘real’ priorities?★

Some of the most difficult Curly Conversations that my clients say they have are about priorities.

I don’t just mean the list of goals or objectives used on strategy slides. I mean the ‘real’ priorities. The ones that, when money or resources are tight, they get the attention when other things don’t.

If your team has too much on its plate and not enough time or resources to do the work, try this Curly Conversation Starter below.

1. If something has value, what does that mean within the context of our team?

2. Using that same definition, what do our customers and stakeholders value?

3. Using that definition, what do we value as a team?

4. What evidence do we have that supports this view?

5. Is there any evidence that doesn’t support this view?

6. What does that say about what we value?

7. Is there something we could do differently?

Another curly conversation for your team that’s definitely worth having.


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