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ARE YOU WADING THROUGH THE MESS of a complex problem?

Updated: Mar 16, 2020

For me, yesterday was messy. I spent all day dismantling a complex challenge being faced by one of my clients.

Like most of those I work with, this client's business is complex. Diverse stakeholders, a long priority list, growing consumer expectations, etc.

Their big question was "How do we make better, easier and more transparent priority decisions in a truly customer-driven way?"

Interestingly, my task yesterday wasn't to answer this question. It was to design an approach that enabled my client to answer it, by engaging the deep knowledge & expertise of their workforce.

Late in the evening, the design "landed". I love it when it lands because no matter how much experience you have, the messy part of a complex problem always harbours a niggling element of doubt.

***If you or your team are 'stuck' in the mess of a complex problem, I'd love to have a chat. Drop me a private message or send a connection request , mentioning this post.***


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