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Does work charge or drain your batteries?

If we want people around us to be energised and ready to help us confront our curliest conundrums, we need to have the energy ourselves. We need to be ‘energy out’ - sparking energy in others, so they can help us to get jobs done.

Many of us re-charge outside work in order to have the energy we need when we’re at work. Unfortunately, the energy that required at work quickly drains our batteries and leaves us feeling exhausted. Then, when we have our next holiday, we’re so run down, we get sick. So the cycle goes on.

There is another way. That is to use something called a Curly Conversation as a means of bringing people together and energise them behind a challenge everyone cares about. The good news is that now anyone can have this kind of conversation.

If you’d like to know more energising conversations, grab a copy of Curly Conversations for Teams:


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