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Is it still the right solution?

Have you ever made a decision thinking it was the right solution, but when you actually implemented it, it turned out not to be the case? That’s what this episode of Curly, Calm and Curious is about.

As you watch the video, you may find it useful to think about some of the solutions that you’re currently implementing. Ask yourself:

  • Is this solution easier or harder to implement than I expected when I started?

  • Is it clear what outcome I wanted this solution to deliver?

  • Given what I know now, is this solution likely to deliver that outcome?

  • Is it still worth implementing?

When we’ve made a decision, it’s easy to feel like the door has slammed shut behind us and the only option is to follow the chosen path. Sometimes that is true and sometimes it’s not but...

If we don’t stand back and ask, we never actually know.


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