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Customised Curly Conversations
for teams



Note: All sessions can be facilitated online or in-person

"kate combines her practical experience as a leader with high-energy facilitation

to create an experience that is energising and productive"


Customised Curly Conversation provides you, your leadership team (and stakeholders) with an opportunity to have engaging and structured conversations that build alignment and ensure everyone is moving in the same direction. The best part is that you don't need to worry about designing or running the program, and can focus instead on being a part of it. 


Customised Curly Conversations are perfect for:


  • teams who have experienced significant disruption and who want to maximise the opportunity to re-think their traditional approach and take performance to a new level.

  • new leadership teams who have a major business opportunity or challenge to address and don't have time to move from 'forming' to 'performing' organically

  • existing leadership teams who are about to start a major transformation and need to rapidly build momentum in an uncertain or turbulent environment; and who need to accelerate the progress of an existing mission-critical change, by creating collective focus, energy and clarity.


Gain the benefit of 25-years confronting Curly Conundrums across the world. Kate has a thoroughly human-centred approach and creates a beautiful blend of thinking techniques, collective & creative problem-solving and crisp decision-making. 

Leadership Team Program Options

Option 1 - The Eyes Up Program

This is a short transition program for that moment when you and your team are ready to shift your attention from being 'Eyes Down', focusing on every step to 'Eyes Up' - thinking about the future and what's next.

A  2-week program designed to enable you and your team to quickly reflect, reset and re-energise following disruption. This is the perfect program if you're starting to think about what next, but you've yet to really focus on the next chapter. This is program offers a great way to draw a line under the past and start thinking about the future. 

This program is facilitated via Google Meet or Zoom for up to 20 leaders. The program includes:

  • Pre-program 'State of Play' Self-Assessment & Report

  • Pre- and post- client review and debrief sessions

  • Leadership journal to capture program reflections & insights

  • 3 x 1.5 hour interactive and engaging online working sessions

  • Post-program access to online tools enabling the team to continue the conversations

  • 1-page team action plan

  • Program evaluation



Option 2 - Step Up Program

This 10-week program is designed to enable you and your leadership team to find clarity through the complexity of disruption. Using tried and tested techniques you and your team will set your own discussion topics based on your situation. Then, we'll use human-centred problem-solving strategies to plot a path forward. Sample questions might be:

  • How do we get everyone starting together?

  • How do we capture the opportunity of disruption?

  • How do we overcome fatigue and re-energise?

  • How do you set a goal that is right for where your team is starting?

  • What pace of change should we be targeting?

  • How do we set our priorities?

This program is facilitated 'live' via Google Meet or Zoom for up to 20 leaders. The program includes:

  • Pre-program completions of Critical Questions Funnel

  • Leadership journal covering key concepts and space for reflection

  • Pre-, mid & post-program client review and debrief with the client

  • 6 x 1-hour interactive and engaging online team mentoring sessions

  • Design & distribution of session pre-work

  • Post-program access to tools & templates for future use

  • 1-page team action plan

  • Program evaluation



Customised Start Smart Programs

If neither of the above options sound like what you need and you would like to have a customised Smart Start Program designed your team contact Kate Christiansen at or
call +61 3 90881352

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